We provide plaintiff and defence expert witness reports

We provide plaintiff and defence expert witness reports

Expert Witness Services

We provide plaintiff and defence expert witness reports for the following medico-legal cases:

- Personal injury cases
- Medical negligence cases
- Adults and children who have experienced an amputation.
- Adults who have experienced brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations and orthopaedic injuries
- People who have been injured in farm accidents or wish to return to farming post acquired disability.

This service is available nationwide.

The expert witness process involves the following:

  • Taking of instructions from the contacting solicitor
  • Review of documentation for the case and reports of other expert witnesses involved.
  • Clinical interview with the client and/ or their carer to review past and present functioning.
  • Clinical Assessment of current functioning status, transfer ability, ability to engage in self-care, leisure and productive activities of daily living.
  • Clinical Assessment of the home environment and its suitability for safe and independent living for the client
  • Clinical assessment of the client transferring in and out of a vehicle, if relevant
  • Recommendations are made based on the assessment for suitable housing modifications, assistive devices, specialist equipment and support services.
  • The provision of a comprehensive written report to include the assessment and recommendations.
  • Attendance at pre-trial meetings and consultations
  • Court Appearance

Please note – the duty of an expert witness is to assist the court as to matters within the field of expertise and this duty overrides any obligation to any paying party.

Housing Adaptations

Housing adaptations may be necessary following an injury or due to the natural aging process...

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