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What does an Occupational Therapist do?

• An Occupational Therapist enables those that have physical, psychological or social functional difficulties in achieving the maximum potential from their daily life.
• An Occupational Therapist looks at the persons daily routine, ability to function and assists the person in bringing meaning and purpose and fulfilment to their life.
• An Occupational Therapist assesses a person’s engagement in their everyday self-care, leisure and productive occupations, activities and tasks.
• In a joint process with the client, their family and carers the Occupational Therapist assesses where the difficulties are and works with the client to problem solve and overcome these difficulties.
• In order to overcome evident difficulties and Occupational Therapists may suggest alternative strategies, environmental modifications, modification of the activity or the provision of assistive devices and support services.
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Areas of Practice

We help enable those that have physical, psychological or social functional difficulties achieve
the maximum potential from their daily life.

Housing Adaptations

Occupational Therapists assist with advising on what housing adaptations best suit the client and their family.

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Expert Witness Services

We provide plaintiff and defence expert witness reports to include the assessment and recommendations.

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Please contact us for a detailed quotation and our terms of engagement.
All fees are calculated on a case by case basis based on the nature and location of the case.

We have started using telehealth assessments in line with Covid-19 restrictions and this option is offered to suitable cases. Telehealth is not a viable option in all situations.

Catriona Sweeney, Consultant Occupational Therapist

Catriona Sweeney is a Consultant Occupational Therapist who provides expert witness reports in personal injury cases nationwide and assists in housing adaptations and environmental modifications in Cork City and County.

Catriona Sweeney is a CORU registered Occupational Therapist and a member of the Association of Occupational Therapists Ireland (MAOTI).

CORU Number OT017142.


• BSc (Hon) Occupational Therapy
• MSc Older Person Rehabilitation
• Project Management FETAC Level 6
• Certificate of Distinction in Supervisory Management

Client Testimonials

We answer your questions, scope your project and
discuss your potential fit in style
Catriona provides high quality reports in a very efficient turnaround time”.

Dublin based solicitor


“Catriona Sweeney provides clear and succinct yet highly detailed reports. Our clients have been very happy to date and have found her very kind and compassionate.”  Cork based solicitor

Cork based solicitor

Catriona provided me with great recommendations and adaptation advice to enable me to continue to care for my mother at home.” – Housing Adaptation client

Housing Adaptation client

“We have found Catriona to be very accommodating to facilitate assessments at short notice when possible” – Cork based solicitor.

Cork based solicitor

Cork based solicitor

“Occupational Therapy Practitioners ask; What matters to you? Not, what is the matter with you?”
– Virginia “Ginny” Stoffel

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the law related questions clients have asked us.
I have been referred for an Occupational Therapy Assessment by my legal team, what should I expect?

Having reviewed the available medical reports, an appointment will be scheduled for Catriona to assess you at your place of residence. Catriona will take a full clinical history and record details of pre and post-accident function and areas of difficulty.

If required and with your consent Catriona can also hear from your partner or care-giver on the impact of your injuries on daily life. Catriona will assess how you perform your activities of daily living throughout your household. You may have a partner or care-giver at the assessment if you so wish.

What is the turnaround time for reports?

Catriona endeavours to have reports finalised within one to two weeks. Reports can be completed in a shorter time period in extenuating circumstances. Reports are only released on full payment of agreed fee.

What geographical area does Catriona cover?

Catriona completes Housing Adaptation Reports only for Cork City and County.

Catriona completes Expert Witness Assessments Nationwide.

What does a Housing Adaptation Assessment consist of?

Catriona will meet you in your home, assess your functional difficulties in your home, assess your current environment and make recommendations for housing adaptations. Catriona will also provide reports for housing allocations.

How much does an assessment cost?

Please complete the contact me form and Catriona will contact you with a quotation.